Providing superior quality of products is a core value at SPORTSGEAR OPTICS because of the consequences of a missed shot. If our riflescope doesn’t hold its performance when you need the most, your long awaited hunting trip or tactical operation is compromised and the unforgettable moment maybe in a lifetime could be ruined.


We strive to make advanced technology and product features at affordable price for our customers. Below are some technologies and features being of our products:


  • Multi-fully coated lenses for all Athlon Optics riflescopes. Yes, for all products not just a selective group of products.

  • Fully multi coated ED lens. ED lens provides extreme high light transmission rate above beyond 95%

  • Enhanced Low Light Performance coating. This special coating provides the visibility you need from dusk to dawn.

  • XPL coating. The rain repellant coatings give you all weather protection and guarantee you a clear view through lens during a rainy day.

  • Scratch-Resistance coating. You could only find this type of coating in some super expensive luxury products. We are offering the scratch-resistance coating that protects your lens from unwanted scratches under the toughest environment either during in the wild or on the field.

  • Aircraft grade aluminum. Aircraft grade aluminum offers three times the strength than regular aluminum

  • Nitrogen/Argon purged

  • High precision machining parts with extreme high tolerance within 3mμ (nanometer). You will have a precise click value and smooth turning when you adjust your elevation and windage turrets.

  • EP grade cleaning room assembly environment ensuring zero contamination inside and out